Latest News
3 New Colors
Dwarven Foundry is proud to announce that we have added 3 new colors to our current product offerings bringing the color count up to 6. The new colors are Copper Dragon Scale, Aged Mithral and Dragons Gold. We are very proud of these new colors and think you will love them too.
The Commander is in!
The Commander has reported in to Dwarven Foundry and we are proud to arm him with the latest weapons for Tabletop Wargames. Dwarven Foundry is proud to offer the Commander Pack a 5 piece 6 sided dice pack. The Pack comes in 3 colors currently an old time favorite of Drow Black our new color of Dragons Gold and a new exclusive color for the Commander Pack Lycanthrope Silver (specially made for getting ride of those pesky wolves).
The Dwarven Foundry is proud to announce that they have made their first set of the highest
quality metal dice. These weapons of combat come in three options for your combat needs. The
color options are Drow Black, Chainmail Silver and Copper Still all available now in 7 piece sets.